residential log cabins for sale

Residential log cabins are becoming more well-known in the Web. There are lost of styles and features that acquiring a cabin that matches one’s requirements and desires is easy and almost straightforward. Just fill the fields with your requirements and viola!

But not many people realize that owning a log cabin requires a certain level of maintenance. One of the things that homeowners need to do is to properly insulate the cabin. The tiny gaps and openings between the stacked logs, if left unfixed, can let frigid air seep in, making the interior quite cold. Worse, poor insulation can boost up your energy bills.

Needless to say, the solution is to seal and caulk the cracks so that cold air is unable to seep in. You can make the insulation even better by doing something that is simple and natural, that is, to plant some large trees around your cabin. Two or three trees with large canopies will do fine.

How do trees assist in insulating your cabin? Well, during the cold season or winter months, the thick leaves and branches shields away the wind chills that are prevalent during that period. By blocking out strong, cold winds, those trees have done 50 to 60 percent of the job of insulation. Your furnace, heater, or radiator won’t have to work overtime to provide the needed heat for the interior to become comfortable.

But the advantage of planting trees near your log home does not stop there. These trees also help cool down your log cabin during summer months. The leafy canopies act as umbrellas that provide shade from the harsh, hot glare of the sun. Furthermore, air at the base of trees is cooler. These factors significantly decrease the temperature in your home, making it cooler and more comfortable during summer months. Best of all, your air conditioner don’t have to work overtime to pump all that cool air inside.

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